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I agree with what you’re saying “believe in your son’s ability”. In my case I stopped my daughter’s therapy session because I have great faith with my daughter’s capacities and abities. She only attended 1 session since I am not convince with her therapist approach. I decided to be her personal coach. I am using now Elad Vashdi’s approach, the VML method. You can check this in you tube. Was able to connect Elad also through FB. I keep on reading and searching on the internet about methods and ways on how to teach kids with apraxia. For me this is my only way to help my daughter. Sorry but I dont believe anymore on her therapist. My daughter now has great improvements. She is chatty/ communicative. Thanks to Lisa’s advise on fish oil and VML method through you tube by Elad. My daughter who is now 3 years old can already identify and say the different colors and shapes. She can also recite and tell you the letters of the english alphabet. I am planning to video her and post the video.