Nichols Pakkiam

We have been privileged to be part of Dr. Elad Vashdi’s VML vision and growth since 2014. The VML has provided with a very holistic and multidimensional view to approaching speech disorders and apraxia. It has allowed us to fuse a behavioral approach with a more scientific motor speech approach to problem solving, especially with more complex cases. A very big benefit of the VML is that it is NOT a technique, but a method to understanding and intervening in an effective way for individuals with speech disorders. Its essence allowed us to always ask the question “Why?”. In a relatively young field of speech pathology and behavioural science, this method has shown such effectiveness as well as promise to be able to improve the state of individuals and their quality of life. The ongoing support and growth over the years has also proven to be an important and valuable form of mentoring. We look forward to watching the VML’s growth of the global scene.