Špela Falatov

My daughter is nearly 10 years old, autistic, non verbal. We have traveled the world to find effective therapies that would help her achieve a better quality of life. Dr. Vashdi’s VML method has helped her to start to use speech and language. Gave her a sense of ability to communicate with us. Before he began working with her she had no voluntary sounds and now she has many ans uses words to express jer wishes. We have honestly never been as hopeful of her future as we are now – thanks to dr. Vashi and his approach. There has been a great deal of dedication from our side and our team to complement his work – however, his work has done wonders for our daughter and her ability to speak. I believe the knowledge and skill Dr. Vashdi has comes from his professional background as a physio therapist to understand the underlying motor learning principles that are essential for speech therapy in case of apraxia. We are very grateful to Dr. Vashdi and look very much forward to continuing working with him in the future! Sincerely,