Online speech training course for speech therapists and parents – The VML method

An online speech training course based on the VML method for speech therapists , parents and other professionals. You can purchase single lessons, bundles or a full training. The knowledge available in the training platform is extensive and growing all the time, based on decades of practice and training therapists. Visit

Online Speech Evaluation

I am happy to announce that we have released an online speech evaluation which enable you to evaluate the speech condition of the child/adult and get a reliable, comprehensive treatment program. The Evaluation software is based on a unique algorithm which can calculate the speech data and produce an accurate intervention program. This unique,ground braking […]

International activity

The international activity of Yael Center is very intensive in next 12 months: There are intensive treaments in Israel scheduled until November 2019. There is still room for few more but not many. June 2019 – we will start a new VML training in Bucharest with a big group of over 20 participants. In addition […]

Intensive Training is now available!

Yaelcenter is offering now the intensive training program in Israel and around the world. This program has been tested for few years in our facility and around the world and now are offering it extensively. Our new facility in the north part of Israel , in the city of Nesher, is ready to host this […]