Our Vision
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The Yael Center’s vision is to develop treatment for apraxia of speech and multi-dimensional therapy systems which will be applicable to people all over the world. 

We strive to bring these methods into the highest evidence based level and into the professional mainstream acknowledgment.

We strive to create a change in the policy of pediatric rehabilitation services towards parenting involvement and trans-disciplinary work

In order to fulfill this vision, the Yael Center employs a variety of strategies including:

  • Supporting centers in various countries that will implement the VML and MDT methods locally
  • Establishing a strong basis of treatment in Israel
  • Carrying out research and academic activities
  • Developing therapeutic tools 
  • Creating an international network of therapists 
  • Developing online services in various languages to make the services applicable worldwide.
  • Training therapists and experts around the world in various circuits of therapy level to enhance the services globally.


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