All planned projects 32%

Current Projects

Microbiome and Autism – influences and treatment. In collaboration with gastroenterology department – Haemek Hospital.

In collaboration with the open university in Israel.

Case study – 2 days on intensive intervention with 16 yrs old apraxic boy.

Developing an algorithm for the VML method and writing it as web-based software.

Prospective longitudinal study of 6 cases over 2 years. 

Future Projects

CAS definition – forming a reliable tool for CAS diagnosis – collaboration with clinics and researchers around the world.

Comparison between speech assessment based on words versus speech assessment based on Single syllable Production (SSP)

Primary numbers theoretical article

Comparison of regular speech development and speech development patterns in CAS

The influence of Initial Phoneme Cue (IPC) technique according to the VML method on word formation with a child who has apraxia of speech and Autism. Collecting of single cases to create a large sample – international collaboration.

The development of play among children with CAS

The VML method – an integrative, structured, motor based method for treating CAS

Importance of Non-speech tasks  intervention in CAS – prospective study – international collaborative study. 2 mth Non-speech+ speech intervention vs 2 mth only speech intervention. A defined Protocol to implement on single cases while collecting all cases into a big comparative, RCT prospective research 

Influence of blowing against resistance on valo-pharangial strengthening speech sounds development

The use of repeated stimulations In reducing delayed reaction time

Facilitated Communication – vision or illusion?