International - intensive programs

Yael center offers sections of few days and up to few weeks of intensive 1X1 treatment. These treatments can take place in Israel or internationally based on Yael center team availability.

The treatments are given by Yael center experts in Israel and worldwide.

The main goals of the intensive program are:

  1. Thorough evaluation
  2. Setting an accurate treatment program
  3. Achievements in therapy
  4. Teaching and setting the ground for further practice at home.


Setting an intensive program depends on the goals of the family, child needs, financial conditions and availability of Yael center team.  

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Israel - Local treatments

Yael center has two clinics in Israel – Herzlia and Nesher. Treatment sessions are given on a weekly basis once or twice a week. Treatment length is typically 2-4  hours.

We strive to build a treatment system which involves all the potential therapists or contributors to the treatment process.  

The treatment can be VML based for speech targets or MDT based for achieving wide range of goals. The treatment is given by Yael center therapists who were trained in Yael center clinics.

Price List