The VML is an organized structure of techniques, treatment principles and evaluation process for treating Apraxia of speech. The system use manual techniques along motor learning principles (MLP) in dealing with speech motor planning difficulties. The system focuses on the motor aspect of speech as the main key for a change while using MLP as in any other motor training. The motor training doesn’t involve whole body movements but rather speech related movements.

The system is organized in a mathematical level as an algorithm, however very dynamic while implemented in a session. The VML is a private case of the MDT being integrative in perception. The VML analysis starts with cross sectional developmental analysis before considering speech variables.

The VML was established in 1996 by Dr Elad Vashdi in Israel out of intuitive treatment for a child with severe Autism and Apraxia of speech. After 9 years of developing the core of the system Dr Vashdi started training other therapists in Israel and established Yael center. Since 2010 the VML is practiced in Australia in the voice within clinic in Melbourne. Few years later it started spreading to other countries such as the US, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Poland and more.

Over the years evaluation tool was established and researched and the system was presented in top academic  conferences around the world. Few academic articles were published and more research is on the make all the time.

In Yael center we treat mostly children with childhood apraxia of speech however the system is also good for adults with acquired apraxia.

Most of the children that are treated in yael center facility and around the world with the VML are autistic (65%). There isa variety of syndromes as well in which the verbal difficulty is motor based.

Treatment can start as early as 18 months .

The VML therapist is a professional who studied the VML method and was certified by Dr Elad Vashdi to practice the VML method. Speech therapists are the first group to be trained and certified however, VML therapist can have a different background such as OT, PT, psychologist, social worker, teacher , behavior analysis and more. The bigger the difference between the student occupation and speech the more learning and assignments the student will need to deliver.

Our experience over the year with more then 25 trainings around the world showed us that   the profession is not the indicator of a good VML therapist but rather the motivation to a be therapist, ability to connect with the child, believe in the treatment system of speech, flexibility in thinking and commitment to this type of therapy.

The VML method is a tool while speech therapy is a discipline and profession. The speech therapist will use different tools in her work. VML can be one of them. Motor based systems for speech are not common among speech therapists usually. There are few systems/methods which target the motor aspect of speech but they are not the common way of treatment. VML is one of them.

Basic VML training consists of 60hours of direct teaching and 100 hours of practical work.

Graduating the program involve passing the final exam and preparing all tasks over the training.

The training schedule varies between places and depends on the size of the group, place time etc. the training is usually tailor made to a specific group or individual.

 Conditions – 3 years of working in the field of treatment, recommendations, interview, former studies.

Most of the other systems are not specializing in the motor aspect of speech

  1. VML is having an extended use of MLP in analysis and treatment
  2. VML is a structured mathematical system
  3. The VML is a dynamic , flexible system like no other method.
  4. The VML has experience with over 1000 children in many languages.
  5. The VML is evidence based system which being researched while using scientific tools.
  6. The VML is part of a multi-dimensional perception of treatment.

The VML is being practiced in Israel , Australia, Slovenia, Romania and Taiwan in trained clinics were you can find therapists.

 In addition hundreds of children around the world were treated.

Two articles were published until 2015 with two chapters in books. The VML was accepted for presentations in many academic conferences around the world.

6 new articles are in different stages of writing and publication.

A retrospective study over 89 VML  procedures showed significant improvement in speech due to the VML treatment.