ד”ר אלעד ושדי

Dr Elad Vashdi founded the Yael Center in 2002 and has treated over 1000 children with disabilities since 1996.  He has a doctorate in physiotherapy and published multiple articles in relation to childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), developmental disorders, child development and intellectual disability. 

After working extensively with children with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability and CAS, he applied his expert knowledge of motor learning and child development to create a unique program for treating children with CAS called VML (Verbal Motor Learning). Following this he built a team of therapists (speech pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists and educators) to develop a scientifically based complete developmental approach for treating children with special needs called MDT (Multi-dimensional therapy). Dr Vashdi’s ambition is to change and improve the tools we are using today in helping children with special needs to grow and be a part of society. Currently Dr Vashdi is running two clinics in Israel, whilst publishing, presenting and conducting research on the VML and MDT, an international lecturer and trainer of the VML and MDT, and an international consultant for children with special needs.

Published articles and books

Bell, K., Russel, C. (2017). Motor learning, a review and directions in research. Nova science publishers. (Chapter in book).

Vashdi, E. (2014). The influence of Initial Phoneme Cue technique according to the VML method on word formation with a child who has apraxia of speech and autism – A case study. International  Journal Child Health Human Development. 7(2): 197-203.

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Vashdi, E. (2013). Using VML (verbal motor learning) method techniques in treatment of prosody disorder due to childhood apraxia of speech: A case study. Int J Child Health Hum Dev;6(2):255-260.

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Articles and books in preparation

Vashdi, E. 2013. New Insights into CAS population profile. In editing.
Vashdi, E. 2013. CAS speech patterns. In editing.
Vashdi, E. 2013. The correlation between Non speech Oral Motor Exercises (NSOME) and speech production in CAS treatment, a wide clinical retrospective research . In editing
Vashdi, E. 2013. Implications of  word-initial vowel glottalization in Childhood Apraxia of Speech treatment. In editing
Vashdi E. Hotzler Y. Roth D. 2006. Validity and reliability of measures assessing compliance to motor treatment in children with moderate to severe intellectual disability. IJOT (Hebrew). In editing.
Vashdi E. 2006. Mommy I can speak (English). In editing.

The VML method
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