MDT training

The MDT consultant trainingis built of 18 modules. In each module 5-7 lessons. The training is given online in English. The purpose of the training is to train therapists to be integrative thinkers that can treat effectively whilst seeing the child as a whole with a broad knowledge. The therapists can also function as case managers of a treatment program. 

Opening time –  Rolling, starting October 2015. The training is adapted specifically for the each student.

Modules 1-8 teach the basic developmental knowledge.
Modules 9-13  give the basis for integrative thinking in the field of treatment.
Modules 14-18 teach the MDT tool it self based on all the previous knowledge being learnt.

Module length – 4-8 weeks. 2  modules can be taken simultaneously.

Cost  – 250 US$ – 450 US$ per module (50$ per lesson).

Certificate – MDT Case-Manger by Yael Center.

Lessons teaching tools
1.       Power point presentations
2.       Reading materials
3.       Assignments
4.       Tests
5.       Videos
6.       Video-conference for Module summary.
7.       other

Training Requirements
MDT case manager
1.       5 years of experience as a therapist
2.       Recommendation from 3 different professionals or families.
3.       Appropriate CV
4.       Interview
5.       Academic studies

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