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I am happy to announce that we have released an online speech evaluation which enable you to evaluate the speech condition of the child/adult and get a reliable, comprehensive treatment program.

The Evaluation software is based on a unique algorithm which can calculate the speech data and produce an accurate intervention program. This unique,ground braking service, will enable families and professionals all over the world the immediate access to the VML knowledge in a very reasonable price. The evaluation software will be delivered in English and then translated into various languages such as Hebrew, Mandarin, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Slovenian, French and more.

The training platform will enable therapists and families from all over the world to study the VML method online, at home, in a very reasonable price. The online training platform will include over 80 courses that can be taken as a whole for therapists certificate or as separate courses if someone want a specific knowledge. The training will be delivered in English at the beginning.

The consultation platform will enable therapists and parents to send questions and videos in order to get immediate feedback from the VML experts around the world.

Visit MYVML evaluation system

Dr. Elad Vashdi

Dr. Elad Vashdi

Yael Center founder, VML and MDT method inventor, has a doctorate in physiotherapy, published multiple articles in relation to childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), developmental disorders, child development and intellectual disability.

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The Yael Center is a professional therapeutic organization which focuses on speech therapy and multi-dimensional therapy via two unique methods. These methods were developed by the founder of the center, Dr Elad Vashdi, and Yael Center’s members. The center has been in existence since 1996.

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