Online Speech Therapy Training

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Yaelcenter has developed an online training platform called MYVML train. This platform teaches the VML method for speech treatment among children and adults diagnosed with Apraxia of speech

The training consist of 6 sections and many lessons to cover all the VML knowledge. it is a modular system in which you can choose to take separate lessons based on your need.

Soon you will be able to take the full training and to be certified as a VML therapist. Visit our online training at:

MYVML train

Dr. Elad Vashdi

Dr. Elad Vashdi

Yael Center founder, VML and MDT method inventor, has a doctorate in physiotherapy, published multiple articles in relation to childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), developmental disorders, child development and intellectual disability.

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About Us

The Yael Center is a professional therapeutic organization which focuses on speech therapy and multi-dimensional therapy via two unique methods. These methods were developed by the founder of the center, Dr Elad Vashdi, and Yael Center’s members. The center has been in existence since 1996.

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VML video presentation



(worth $300)

Use it to get 10 FREE speech evaluations. Whenever you want, for whoever you want!

Just create your account, credits are automatically applied to your account!

This is time limited offer, it can end anytime. So don't hesitate, register now. Do you know a non-verbal child or child with speech deficit - let them know about this offer!