Anita Silvia

There was a weekend full and special for us all. Elad’s arrival at Orpington Vashdi was an expected and enlightening in many ways. All those years when I do love this work, we saw dozens of children and each of them was a challenge in his way. The big question by families, and I went with them is ” when will speak?” experience showed me that many of these children end up talking in the end, but still, there were a few situations where the language delay To appear, in spite of the hard work. With such a child I work every day, for almost four years. Here now it’s time to find an answer to my questions. I felt to assess him, little by little, it cleared up a lot of things and I’m starting to understand better where are baby’s shortcomings and where need to intervene. Elad gave a concrete form ideas that maybe I was too. What we lacked structure, but it was that clarity and precision that it presented so ingenious to the seminar. We elad gave objectives, a goal and hope based on facts. Really was the right man at the right time. Today I worked with him, trying to put into practice some of what I learned from elad. I was surprised that I’m different, I’m trying to get more connection with the baby, as I get back to the simple things, but essential. Thank Elad Vashdi for his bag of information that we left him for encouragement and for answers. Thank for like and was hoping to go on a family, the most precious gift I could do. Thank you, sinzi for organising this event which has managed to change our vision and to show us new ways. Thank you, dear colleagues, for being so enthusiastic and involved – indeed, we make a good team! 🙂