Elise Swallow

Elad Vashdi created the VML for childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). Speech Pathology Australia and current research all state that CAS is a motor learning disorder. Physical Therapist’s study motor learning far more than speech pathologists do in university training. Elad Vashdi created the VML evaluation and treatment by applying his extensive knowledge of motor learning (from being a physical therapist) to the speech muscles. There is no difference to how speech muscles work compared to other muscles in the body, so Elad’s motor learning knowledge and application of the research is applicable to CAS. When I used the VML evaluation and treatment techniques it greatly informed my practice and aided me as a speech therapist. As senior speech pathologist I highly support, endorse and use the VML. Allied Health services also aim to be in collaborative practice between speech pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and audiologists as the brain and body is an integrated system. Our knowledge and skills in many areas overlap, and as therapists we are encouraged to work together to expand our understanding. Elad Vashdi has very specialised skills and is an exceptionally informed therapist who has voluntarily read and applied the research on speech, language, communication, gross motor, fine motor, sensory, cognitive and social development. Thus I found as a speech pathologist the knowledge and skills I learnt from Elad Vashdi and VML were very effective, informative and highly complementary for speech motor learning disorders like CAS. I visited the Yael Centre on 2x trips to Israel and worked with Elad Vashdi on many evaluations and treatments in Australia. Elad always informed therapists and clients he was a physical therapist and had a high standard of professionalism. All his evaluations and treatments are grounded in evidenced based practice, data lead and client centred.